Access untranslated string of Django

Django provides a powerful mean to extract and translate string in our projects. Click here for more details.

Sometimes I like to use a key to reference messages, for example:

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How to import an SQL file using the command line in MySQL

Sometimes you need to import database scripts, in this post I will show how to install and import a script in MySQL.

I will assuming that you are using distributions based on ubuntu.

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Django Migrations – Reversible migrations

Migrations is a great tool to management your models. Django has a powerful set of commands to propagating changes into your database schema.

Please see the official documentation for more details.

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Django Admin – using list_filter and search_fields

Django Admin is a great tool to manage metadata from your models.

Let me show you two simple resources: list_filter and search_fields.

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Woodpecker: a Lexical Analyzer written in Python

I dedicated some time to study and build compilers. It is a very challenging and stimulating activity, since it involves many Computer Science areas.

The project Woodpecker Lexical Analyzer is a simple lexical analyzer that I wrote to understand better how this stage works.

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